Zhongshan KAISHIMEI Co., Ltd.
Add.: 73 Ka, No. 6, East Meijing Road, Gangkou Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
Tel.: +86-760-88433700
Fax: +86-760-88433700
C.P.: +86-13590982533
Contact Person: Kary MO


Pre-sales Service
Before sales, we offer professional consultant services to customers. If required before the order is placed, we can provide moderate samples to the customer who should undertake freight.

In-sales Service
According to customer's requirements, KAISHIMEI will manufacture the highest quality products at the most competitive price. In addition, punctual delivery can be assured.

After-sales Services
After sales, if we receive the call from our customer that there is something wrong with the product or other aspects, we will offer the optimal solutions within 24 hours.

OEM Service
KAISHIMEI offers OEM service about toys and dolls to customers. Just tell us your requirements and we will customize the most appropriate and satisfactory products for you.

We can print your enterprise logo on the product by means of screen printing, transfer printing and heat transfer printing processes. Additionally, we can process exclusive product for you according to the samples and drawings you have sent to us.

According to different order quantity, packaging and process as well as fluctuant price of raw materials and various delivery periods, the price of our product will thereby has small difference. If you need to know specific price and production cycle, please feel free to contact us and we will offer general estimation.