Toys and Dolls

    1. Blythe Dolls

      Specializing in toys and dolls for many years, KAISHIMEI supplies all types of high quality Blythe dolls for children all over the world at an amazing price.

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    1. Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD)

      All ball and socket joints are flexible and movable. The joints are made from environment friendly polyurethane resins and can simulate real person.

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    1. Tangkou Dolls

      It has four colors of eye chips. Only by pulling slightly a string at the rear of her head can you get different colors and effects from the eyes of this living doll.

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    1. Monster High DollEach monster doll has unique fashion style and personality and each has various attributes of the monsters they are related to. The toy is classified into two types, namely one with movable joints and one without movable joints. Head, waist, knee joint, shoulder joint and hip joint of the former can turn freely.
    1. American Girl Doll

      Wide variety of models makes kid so fascinate about it. Kids can make clothes for the doll by themselves or wear different ornaments on it for creating various images.

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    1. 3D Puzzle

      Playing with this model toy, children’s intelligence, operational ability and 3D imagination ability can be exploited. It is suitable for either solo playing or cooperative playing by two kids.

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    1. Black Barbie DollIn the world of dolls, black Barbie doll has won great popularity among kids and collectors. KAISHIMEI provides different styles of black Barbie dolls for you. Fashionable style and exquisite design of this baby doll can satisfy your demands.
    1. Barbie DollBeautiful and vivid Barbie hair together with elegant clothes and ornaments can explain why kid loves our Barbie doll so much. We also make sure that all of our Barbie fashion dolls come with the highest quality and most reasonable price.
    1. FAD Girl DollAs is well known, what profound impressions the Barbie doll has left on her fans all around the world for more than 40 years are nothing but her pretty image, graceful body and lovely face. She always stays there quietly in various kinds of clothes waiting for her master.
    1. Muslim DollOur Muslim doll is also an educational doll who can teach children to sing the Quran. In addition, you can definitely ease that our products can offer your kids not only fun but also total safety. We are available with OEM and ODM services.
    1. Plastic Fashion DollInfinite fun for your kids can be assured by our plastic fashion dolls which are made from environment friendly and non-toxic materials, thus also ensuring safety. Cute appearance, cottony soft clothes, delicate packaging and other features of our plastic doll will make your lovely child happy all day.
    1. Winx Club DollPlaying with this fairy doll, your children will get whole day fun and happiness. Sparkly fairy wings on her back allow for magical transformation from girl to fairy. With special design with many points of articulation, this Winx doll can recreate unlimited fashionable poses.
    1. Rapunzel DollElegant appearance with beautiful long hair, soft clothes, nice packaging and safe material bring your children unlimited fun.
      Numerous similar styles are available for your choice
    1. Mermaid DollsShe lives in the sea and exists in many legendary stories. The mermaid dolls are dedicatedly designed for meeting kids' nature of loving such fairy tales. Kids, especially girls, show extremely fondness to this girl doll.
    1. Resin Star Action FigureSuch cute resin toy, with reasonable price and forever fastness, is an ideal choice for collectors and players. Using as decorations and furnishings in bar is also a good choice.
    1. Children's MakeupKAISHIMEI supplies exquisite makeup set for our princesses which contains eye shadow, rouge, lip gross, lipstick, nail polish, etc. These kids makeup will help little beauties to make changeable princess images.
    1. Finger SkateboardThis fingerboard can enrich kids’ spare time and exercise their fingers. Our scaled-down skateboard is available in all kinds of colors based on the PANTONE. If you want to choose your own colors, just let us know.
    1. Sylvanian Families ToysAll of these beautiful scenes can be shown in our Sylvanian Families toys. This collectable toy boasts many cute animal figures, exquisite houses, furniture and ornaments. Lovely and fashionable design can increase kid’s creativity and imagination.
    1. Plane ModelOur airplane model is a small sized replica of an existing authentic aircraft. Owing to fashionable shape, great texture and metal tire, this toy plane can be used as business gift, home decoration, office ornament, personal collection, etc.
    1. Monster High Doll CosmeticsIn the makeup set, you can get colorful makeup collections including eye shadow, rouge, lip gross, glitter lip powder, nail polish, etc. Our monster high doll cosmetics can improve kids’ operational ability.
    1. Jecci Five DollKids can replace various types of clothes for this fashion doll, creating different styles of fashion icons. Four eye colors can be changeable by pulling slight the string at the back of the doll.
    1. Voodoo DollOur voodoo dolls are completely hand made of a piece of hemp rope. Each one is non-toxic and has different face. A complete set of this knitted doll include plastic packaging bag, a instruction card, a small bell, a iron chain, a kraft paper tag, a hemp rope and a doll.
    1. Stocking ToyThis stocking doll is suitable for kids in different age groups. It is fully handmade with height of 25 cm, allowing kids to play safely and happily.
    1. Remote Control QuadcopterThe function of automatic adjustment and 2.4GHz long distance control can make your playing more excited. Various actions including flying up and down, flying forward and backward, turning left and right, side flying, hovering and turning over can be achieved.
    1. Flitter Fairies DollsWhen the speed reaches to a certain level, the doll can fly. When it flies to a certain height, it will descend. At that time, you should put your hand under the RC base. Due to special induction, the battery powered doll can fly up again.
    1. Remote Control HelicopterIn addition, this RC aircraft can cultivate teenager’s interest in exploration of the unknown world. Due to strong curiosity about its flying principle, many teenagers will figure it our by checking books. Therefore, learning interest can also be improved.
    1. Remote Control Car1. 26T / 28T / 30T motor gears
      2. The central transmission gears are adjustable (scalable remote adjustment)
      3. Up to six kinds of gear ratios
      4. Drive gear with clutch overload protection (optional)
    1. Button Eye DollShell fabric: Cotton Stuffing: PP cotton Color: Diversified Size: Height of 6-9cm or 20-25cm
    1. Fabric ToySewn from cotton fabric and stuffed with PP cotton, our fabric toys are excellent ornaments for cars and homes. They are also excellent gifts.
    1. Disney Princess DollThis popular Disney animator doll is perfect for your girl's holiday, birthday or anyday dreaming. Her wish is granted with this dazzling set of fairytale heroines.