Military Action Figure

    1. Small SoldierThis action figure is made from PVC material and in strict compliance with the non-toxic and low cadmium requirements. Certificate of EN-71 proves that it conforms to all kinds of international standards of toys.
    1. 12 Inch Military Action FigureCome join us and share your military fanaticism. Here you can discover exciting range of 12 inch military action figure with whole joints movable. This plastic toy soldier is provided with vivid and removable weapons as well as lifelike muscle. 12-inch height (30cm) and 30 movable joints create a perfect soldier figure.
    1. Action Figure BodyIt is a 12 inch naked doll with all points of articulation movable, thus ensuring high flexibility and playability. All kinds of poses can be created by this plastic figure. In addition, the action figure is made of ABS, ensuring safety and environment friendliness.
    1. Toy SoldierOur plastic soldiers are all made from PVC materials that are non-toxic and environment friendly. EN-71 certificate can prove that the action figure is compliance with international standards.
    1. Sniper Action FigureThese toy snipers or toy soldiers, with movable joints and removable weapon accessories, are ideal for collection or used as gift for your kids. Now, let this authentic action figure bring you into the mysterious and exciting sniper world.