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Tangkou Dolls

Welcome to the paradise of Tangkou dolls. Here you can find the fascinating range of Tangkou dolls KAISHIMEI provides. This adorable limited edition doll is a new option for ball-jointed doll collectors. It has four colors of eye chips. Only by pulling slightly a string at the rear of her head can you get different colors and effects from the eyes of this living doll.

Our Tangkou dolls are limitedly released. We will release new type every year. For those in the world who are passionate about dolls, we are looking for agents. Share your love with us!

1. 4 eye colors.
2. Fully articulated ball Jointed body
3. 33cm/13" height
4. Environment and human friendly material
5. Age recommended 14+
6. Exquisite packaging
7. DIY doll

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