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Flitter Fairies Dolls

Do you want a flying Barbie? Can you imagine how beautiful it is when a fairy doll is flying? Now, KAISHIMEI flitter fairies dolls can take you to share such enchanting times exploring nature and discovering new adventures.

The flying doll comes with a remote controlled base which is used for control flying. After turning on the switches of the fairy doll and the RC base, the wings of the doll start to rotate. When the speed reaches to a certain level, the doll can fly. When it flies to a certain height, it will descend. At that time, you should put your hand under the RC base. Due to special induction, the battery powered doll can fly up again.

Flying direction is not required when remote controlling. Our flitter fairies dolls come in intelligent charging technology as well as simple and safe operation.

Remarks: This product is suitable for indoor usage. It can be affected by environmental factors such as wind, infrared ray, UV ray, strong sunlight, etc. Kids should play accompanied by adults so as to avoid damage.

Specifications of Flitter Fairies Dolls
Functions: Flying up and down, 360° turning over, capability of giving out light and playing music
Packaging: 24pcs/carton
Size: 23.5×14×14 cm
Gift box size: 36.8×10.8×24.3 cm
Carton size: 92.5×38×75.5cm
Color: pink, purple
MOQ: 1 carton/item

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