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Sylvanian Families Toys

It's time for a trip to Sylvanian Families. Come and enjoy the magic and wonderful world of forest! Passing through the forest, a harmonious scene emerges in front of your eyes. That is a small village where the Sylvanian families lived in. They are the kindest fellows in the world. There are little rabbit, little bear, little chipmunk, little raccoon and other lovely animals.

All of these beautiful scenes can be shown in our Sylvanian Families toys. This collectable toy boasts many cute animal figures, exquisite houses, furniture and ornaments. Lovely and fashionable design can increase kid's creativity and imagination.

Specification of Sylvanian Families Toys
Materials: PS for house, PS and TPR for animal dolls
Available sizes: 40.5×20.5×19.5cm, 73×41.5×57cm, 67×17×34cm, etc.
Packaging: Gift box in cartoon carton
Accessories: all kinds of little lovely animals, desks, chairs, bookshelf, etc.

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