Chemical Products

    1. Two Part Epoxy Resin (3:1 & 1:1 Ratio)The two part epoxy resin adhesive also has extremely excellent resistance to weather and UV light after being cured. It can be used in indoor cool environment for a long time, fully meeting the requirements of jewelry, crafts and signs of all kinds.
    1. Security LabelsKAISHIMEI security labels, also called anti-counterfeiting mark, feature excellent performance in preventing fraud and forgery. It is printed with watermark by gravure printing process. The watermark can show special color under the excitation of ultraviolet light.
    1. Wood Grain Vinyl Film for DecorationKAISHIMEI wood grain vinyl film is mainly used in interior decoration for decorating wooden doors, lines, sheets, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, steel doors, wood-based polymers, PVC panels, and other decorative materials.
    1. Glitter PowderIt can be used with paint and ink in various printing process such as textile printing and screen printing. Other applications include glass art, cosmetics, plastic, Christmas gifts, toys, handicrafts, high-grade decoration, festive supplies, etc.
    1. Luminous PigmentKAISHIMEI luminous pigment can be used in a variety of organic media such as plastic, rubber, paint, fiber, glass, resin, wax, etc. for producing special products with luminous performance.
    1. PET Heat Transfer FilmThe PET heat transfer film by KAISHIMEI is mainly used in screen printing process for transferring all kinds of images and patterns you want to print. This transfer printing film comes with great printability and customized size.
    1. Doctor BladesKAISHIMEI doctor blades, also called doctor knife are mainly used to remove the excess ink on gravure cylinder or flexo anilox in various printers for improving print quality, reducing cylinder and anilox damage, lowering costs and enhancing safety.