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Glitter Powder

Our glitter powder comes in an amazing array of colors and sparkles including gold, silver, red, green, blue, orange, purple, rose, coffee, gray, pink, black, yellow, etc. According to different specifications, this flash powder can be divided into a variety of shapes such as hexagon, quadrangle, strip, pentagram, star shape, moon shape, heart-shape, etc.

The glitter pigment is made from PET and PVC materials. The PET glitter powder has great resistance to acid and alkali as well as to high temperature around 170 ℃ (maximum temperature tolerance). The maximum temperature our PVC glitter powder can resist is 70 ℃ and it is non-toxic and odor free.

Our glitter powder has extremely wide range of applications. It can be used with paint and ink in various printing process such as textile printing and screen printing. Other applications include glass art, cosmetics, plastic, Christmas gifts, toys, handicrafts, high-grade decoration, festive supplies, etc.

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