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Two Part Epoxy Resin (3:1 & 1:1 Ratio)

The two part epoxy resin (3:1 & 1:1 Ratio) KAISHIMEI offers is mainly used for badges, adhesive stickers, panels, labels, signs and other products. This type of epoxy glue is transparent and can be cured at normal temperature or high temperature. After being cured, resin surface is flat and features high gloss, no bubble, yellowing resistance, etc.

The two part epoxy resin adhesive also has extremely excellent resistance to weather and UV light after being cured. It can be used in indoor cool environment for a long time, fully meeting the requirements of jewelry, crafts and signs of all kinds. In addition, it is yellowing free for more than 1 year in indoor cool environment.

Specification of Two Part Epoxy Resin
Main agent A, Curing agent B
Appearance and properties Items 212A 212B
Color Transparent liquid Transparent liquid
Proportion (g/cm3 25℃) 1.05±0.1 0.8±0.1
Viscosity (25℃) 6000 - 6500 (cps) 90-110(cps)
Usage Ratio A:B=3:1(weight ratio) and A:B=1:1(weight ratio)
Up time 100g 25℃×40-50 minutes
Curing condition 25℃×8-12 hours or 45℃×3 hours
Product features High transparency, excellent resistance to yellowing and degeneration, no bubble, great flexibility, high gloss
Hardening material properties Bending strength 200-210(kg/cm2)
Shear strength 125-135(kg/cm2)
Thermal intensity 85℃
Hardness (SHORED)50-60
Motor features Surface impedance 1×1014(Ω/cm2)
Volume Impedance 3×1013(Ω/cm2)
Dielectric constant 4.2
Breakdown voltage 22kV above (lv/mm)
Attentions 1. A and B agent must be fully stirred after blending according to the volume ratio (weight ratio)
2. If the substrate is metal, hard rubber should be used; if it is adhesive, soft rubber should be used.
3. To make sure the proportional allocation of A and B glue which should be poured into the bottle together.
4. Before using the two part epoxy resin, please firstly do a trial and control the amount of each part.
5. If it sticks to your skin, please wash with soap and water. If you need more detailed product safety parameters, please contact our sales department.
Storage and packaging 1. The two part epoxy resin should be sealed in ventilated, cool, dry place with shelf period of 6 months. If expiring, it can be continued to use upon passing the test.
2. Packaging: 20kg, including main agent:15kg/barrel and curing agent:5kg/barrel
Notes: the performance data mentioned above for the product is obtained by specific test (humidity is 70%, temperature is 25℃). So, it is for reference only. For particular environment, the data can be different. Please follow the measured data.
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