Security Ink

    1. Carbon Paper Printing InkThe carbon paper printing ink by KAISHIMEI is mainly used for printing copy paper, bill, note, etc. This carbon paper ink is available in six colors including green, yellow, red, blue, black and white.
    1. Chemical Discoloration InkWhen alteration and effacement to the number or character printed on the documents by this security printing ink are implemented, chemical reactions including coloration, discoloration and color fading will happen, thus avoiding baleful forgery.
    1. Fragrance Printing InkThis scented ink is available in 30 kinds of commonly used scents including strawberry, rose, grape, peach, sandalwood, camphor, juniper, lemon, vanilla, apple, jasmine, aspic, orange, peppermint, to name a few.
    1. Hollow Breakdown Type InkWhen the label is removed from commodities, the pattern or character printed on the label will be left on the products while the label surface is left with transparent hollow pattern and character, thus avoiding reutilization.
    1. Infrared Excitation InkKAISHIMEI infrared excitation ink, being characterized by terrific anti-counterfeit capability, is widely used in anti-forgery printing industry. When exposed to infrared light (940-1060nm)
    1. Laser InkAfter being printed, the glass or plastic should be covered with a transparent film. With nearly all colors of a rainbow, this laser printing ink is widely used for printing high end decorative parts, control panel of electronic products and, craft gifts, etc.
    1. Luminous InkIn addition, our luminous ink boasts high luminance and long time of duration which is over 30 times more than that of traditional luminous materials represented by zinc sulfide.
    1. Mirror Finish InkOur mirror finish ink can be printed on the reverse side of all sorts of smooth and transparent plastics or glass by means of silkscreen printing so that the transparent materials can be used as a mirror.
    1. Optically Variable Ink (OVI Ink)The color-shifting ink comes with strong optical variable characteristic and obvious chromatic aberration, which can not be reproduced by high definition copy machine, scanner or other equipment.
    1. Pearl InkKAISHIMEI pearl ink, also called pearlescent ink, is a kind of special printing ink, which can reproduce the sheen and color of nature pearl by using pearlescent pigment. It can be printed on both paper and plastics.
    1. Pressure Sensitive InkThe colored or invisible images and texts printed using the color shifting ink will have discoloration when pressed or rubbed by hard materials or tools. The color changed is available in red, blue, black, green, purple, yellow, etc.
    1. Scratch Card InkThis scratch off ink will not produce powder when being removed, keeping friendly to environment. It is widely applied to lottery ticket, anti-counterfeiting mark, confidential document, etc.
    1. Soaking Discoloration InkThe soaking discoloration ink made by KAISHIMEI can be divided into three types, namely reversible, irreversible and irreversible pervasion.
    1. Solar Discoloration InkThis color changing ink can be applied to screen printing. It is great for producing products that are used to test the strength of UV ray and anti-counterfeiting products as well.
    1. Sterilization Indication InkWhen the temperature of steam in a disinfection cabinet is within 121℃ to 135℃, the indicator printed by this sterilization indicating ink will turn from white to black, which can demonstrate what extent the sterilization process has been completed.
    1. Temperature Sensitive InkOur temperature sensitive ink is available in two options i.e. reversible and irreversible ink. Each type has large variety of color changing.
    1. UV Fluorescent Pigment-1Our UV fluorescent pigment-1 displays light or white color under visible light but shows other colors under UV light. For UV organic pigment, the color is available in blue, green, yellow and red.
    1. UV Fluorescent Pigment-2For instance, this security pigment can be used in hotels and restaurants, discotheques and night clubs, gymnasiums and other public entertainment places for outstanding visible effects.
    1. Magnetic Printing InkThis kind of security ink enjoys magnetism which is readable by magnetic detector. Such feature enables this magnetic ink to be widely used in classification, retrieve and identification of banknotes and credit cards.
    1. Anti-alteration inkOur anti-alteration ink is mainly used on bank certificates, banknotes, checks, tickets, tax invoices, etc. for the purpose of protecting the printed content from being changed. Once the printed content is altered, the shading disappears and the fluorescence appears and diffuses.
    1. Desensitizing InkIt reacts with chromogenic agent which is encapsulated on the coated face (CF or CFB) and neutralizes it. That is to say, when pressure is applied in a desensitized area, no transfer should take place from part to part.
    1. Watermark InkThe watermark can be clearly identified by your eyes without having to use specialized equipment. Thus, it is remarkably affordable. Our watermark ink is suitable for silkscreen printing and offset printing.
    1. UV Fluorescent Ink

      Images and marks printed with this invisible ink will become visible when excited by UV light, providing documents with theft protection, anti-counterfeiting security, and thereby prevent forgery.

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    1. Optically Variable Pigment

      Anti-forgery ink made by this color travel pigment is generally used for silkscreen printing, flexographic printing, letterpress printing, gravure printing, etc.

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    1. Optically Variable Magnetic InkThis optically variable ink, also called OVI boasts both optical variability and magnetic characteristics. With a commercially available magnetic detector, you can detect magnetic signal from the patterns printed by this magnetic ink.
    1. Optically Variable InkThe optically variable ink is now a greatly popular decorative material, used by domestic and overseas famous enterprise for high class household and commercial products such as cars, digital goods, cosmetics, nail polish, plastic parts, etc.
    1. Mirror Effect InkThe mirror effect ink is suitable for plastic parts decoration of household appliance, digital products, cosmetics, toys, etc. as well as art works coating, leather coating and more.
    1. Holographic PigmentThis holographic metal flake is widely used for cosmetics, paints, plastics, inks and oil varnish.