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Optically Variable Pigment

The optically variable pigment produced by KAISHIMEI has won great popularity among users in domestic and overseas markets. It is comprised of fragmented optically variable thin films that boast specific spectral characteristic.

This color shifting pigment can be used to make optically variable ink which is the most complicated anti-counterfeiting ink working by the interference of light. Printed images and patterns can display two distinct colors as viewing angle changes under white light. Available discolorations include red-green, green-blue, golden-silver, etc.

The color shifting effect can not duplicated by high definition scanner, color copier and other equipment. Anti-forgery ink made by this color travel pigment is generally used for silkscreen printing, flexographic printing, letterpress printing, gravure printing, etc. Special printing features cannot be copied by other inks and printing methods.

Our optically variable pigment is also suitable for surface coating. It falls into two broad categories, namely opaque and transparent.

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