UV Varnish

    1. UV Offset VarnishIt is specifically applicable to the post-offset varnishing for cigarette packaging, wine packaging and toothpaste box.
    1. UV Flexo VarnishThe UV flexo varnish made by KAISHIMEI is greatly suitable for coating self-adhesive label, cigarette case, wine box, toothpaste box and cosmetics boxes.
    1. UV Screen Printing VarnishThis silkscreen UV varnish embodies incredible features such as high glossiness, great abrasion resistance, high adhesion, remarkable resistance to chemical products, non-bubble and non-pinhole, fast drying and non-yellowing.
    1. UV Varnish for Paper Roller CoatingThe unbeatable benefits and characteristics this liquid lamination can give you high adhesiveness, outstanding glossiness, non-yellowing, great abrasion resistance, rapid drying speed, etc.
    1. UV Frosted Ink for Gravure PrintingThe printing thickness of this UV printing ink is extremely small, only half of that of the silkscreen frosted ink, which can save plentiful material costs.
    1. Gloss UV Varnish for TubeTo be specific, after being wiped by alcohol up to 100 times or soaked in 60℃ water, brine containing 5%Nacl, fire and cleanser essence for one hour, the UV tube varnish keeps intact.
    1. UV Screen Printing Varnish for CD/DVDOur UV screen printing varnish for CD/DVD is dedicatedly designed for varnishing CD or DVD. This CD/DVD coating features high adhesiveness, rapid drying speed, colorless and transparent curing film, outstanding flexibility and prominent resistance to alcohol, hot water, brine, fire, etc.
    1. UV Rollercoat VarnishThe UV roller coating varnish needs to be diluted by an addition of 5-10% thinner in order to obtain suitable viscosity.
      Three 5000w UV lights are used for curing the UV rollercoat varnish.
    1. UV Varnish for PVC PanelIt is a kind of light yellow transparent viscous liquid, embodying high gloss, high hardness, excellent wear resistance, fast drying speed, etc. This plastic varnish is composed of epoxy acrylate, acrylic resin monomer and photoinitiator agent.
    1. Soft Touch VarnishApart from extremely soft feel, this packaging varnish features superior adhesion and wear resistance as well as waterproof and oil-proof effects. Our soft touch varnish is suitable for gravure printing, screen printing and offset printing.