Printing Ink

    1. Balloon Printing InkExcellent adhesion, excellent color migration resistance in overprinting; Good hiding power, suitable for air and forced drying.
    1. Flexo Printing InkThe flexo printing ink supplied by KAISHIMEI uses alcohol as its main solvent. This printer ink comes with high coloring power, low temperature resistance, fastness to water, high-speed drying, great adhesion, suitability for flexographic printing, etc.
    1. PAD,PE,PP Printing InkThis pad printing ink is mainly used on treated and untreated PP and PET materials as well as treated PE and similar materials.
    1. Screen Printing InkHigh-capacity coverage, excellent sticky resistance, superposition resistance, resistance to elements; pliability; natural volatilization; medium, fast dry type
    1. UV Flexo InkGood product examples of this flexographic ink in point are senior packaging cosmetics, cigarettes, wine, trademark, plastic stationery, all kinds of plastic products, etc.
    1. UV Offset InkIt is applied to top grade exterior package of PET, gold and silver board paper, tin paper, spray foil paper, cosmetics packages of PE, PP, PET and PS, plastic flexible hoses, bottles, substrate materials of PVC, PS, ABS, etc.
    1. UV Screen Printing InkIt is suitable for gold and silver cardboard, PC, PVC, PET and processed ABS, PE, PP and other plastic substrates. The printed products feature bright and invariant color, good adhesion, wear resistance, etc.
    1. Washable Label Printing InkThis logo printing ink can be used on various substrates such as garments and fibers, fabric, ribbons, organza, etc. for printing brands, shipping marks, screw threads and other labels.
    1. Water Based Screen Printing InkThis textile ink is non-toxic and harmless. It has no smell and no negative effects on human body. During printing, the heat transfers in a variety of chemical products, polyester film and metal-coated board.
    1. Water-based Flexo Printing Ink for CartonSuch printing by this flexographic ink boasts clear printing halftone and strong print level three-dimensional effect as well as excellent abrasion resistance and high adhesion.
    1. Waterless Offset Printing InkIt is suitable for printing CDVCDDVD, laser paper, PVC sheet, PET, PP, PE, PS, etc. Now, this offset ink has found wide application in cosmetics, food, medicine and other industries for anti-counterfeit label printing.