1. HY-30HE Polyurethane Resin for Gravure Printing InkThe polyurethane resin for gravure printing ink is ideal for producing alcohol soluble and general type inner and table printing inks which are suitable for the processed films such as BOPP, OPP, PET, PE and NY.
    1. HY-30HC Polyurethane Resin for Gravure Printing InkOwing to the complete dissolvability in alcohol, esters and ketone solvents, the solvent-borne resin can be used to make environment-friendly polyurethane printing inks that contain no benzene and ketone.

Polyurethane Resin for Printing Ink

Our polyurethane resin for printing ink is originally developed as a base material of gravure, flexo and screen printing inks. Thanks to premium raw materials and strict quality control, this printing ink resin has won great popularity in domestic market and become the exclusive product of many ink manufacturers at home or abroad.

1. This type of PU resin comes with excellent adhesion, flexibility, film-forming property, solvent release property, etc.
2. It also boasts outstanding resistance to high temperature, weather, oil, hydrolysis and yellowing.
3. Our polyurethane resin for printing ink can be perfectly compatible with other similar PU resin, NC, VAC, etc.
4. The printing ink produced using this high polymer material shows great capability to redissolve.
5. Prominent dispersing, wetting and leveling property ensure inks great suitability for various printings at high, intermediate and low speed.

1. Gravure Printing Ink
KAISHIMEI PU resin can be used to produce gravure printing inks. The categories of solvent and corresponding models we recommend are shown as follows.
a. Alcohols solvent, HY-30HE
b. NC solvent, HY-30C
c. Esters solvent, HY-30E
d. Esters, ketones and benzene solvents, HY-30C

2. Screen Printing Ink
Our polyurethane resin for printing ink can also be used to make screen printing inks. Available product is HY-3060 polyurethane resin dissolved by esters, ketones and benzene solvents.

This resin product is inflammable and easy to explode, so it should be stored in cool and dry place. Great importance should be attached to avoid heat, moisture and fire. Storage period of main chemical is one year while the curing agent is half a year.