1. HY-751/G75 PU Adhesive for Food PackagingThe HY-751/G75 PU adhesive for food packaging is a bi-component solvent base dry laminating adhesive with low viscosity and high solid content. It is in compliance with the standard of food hygiene and can be used for the lamination of a variety of films such as OPP, CPP, PE, CPE, PET, NY, VMPET, VMCPP, etc.
    1. HY-753A/753B PU Adhesive for Food PackagingKAISHIMEI HY-753A/753B PU adhesive is also a bi-component and solvent base dry-bond lamination adhesive used for bonding food packaging materials such as OPP, CPP, PE, CPE, PET, VMPET, VMCPP, etc.
    1. HY-7910/HY7510 PU Adhesive for Food PackagingThe HY-7910/HY7510 PU adhesive manufactured by KAIMEISHI is mainly used for dry lamination of food packaging materials including OPP, CPP, PE, CPE, PET, NY, VMPET, VMCPP and others.
    1. HY505/G75 PU Adhesive for TinplateWith this high performance polyurethane adhesive, various polymeric films can be laminated to tinplate to create a multi-functional composite.

Polyurethane Adhesive for Dry Lamination

KAISHIMEI polyurethane adhesive for dry lamination is a high performance bi-component solvent based PU adhesive. It complies with the food hygienic standard and is widely used for dry bond lamination of all kinds of flexible packaging materials and other films such as PET, NY, OPP, PE, CPP, NY, VMPET, aluminum foil, etc.

Due to moderate viscosity, great leveling property, high transparency, strong adhesive power, perfect film-forming property, great heat, freezing and media corrosion resistance as well as stable quality and good adaptability, the dry lamination adhesive is an ideal choice for bonding the flexible packaging materials of food, medicine and other objects.

Product Features
1. Our polyurethane adhesive for dry lamination comes with outstanding bonding effect to a variety of film substrates, especially to those that are hard to bond such as complex PVC and thick PE.
2. With excellent temperciance and fast curing characteristic, this flexible packaging adhesive is suitable for the lamination of rigid materials like aluminum foils as well as the lamination of the flexible packaging materials which requires fast curing.
3. The laminating adhesive has terrific resistance to hydrolysis, high and low temperature, corrosion by sour and hot media, boiling and steaming, acid and alkali, etc.
4. Prominent wetting ability and leveling property make the polyurethane adhesive for dry lamination perfect for coating cloth at high or middle speed and laminating highly transparent flexible materials.

1. PU Adhesive for Food Packaging
Available model includes HY-751/G75, HY-753A/753B and HY-7910/HY7510.
2. PU Adhesive for Decorative Materials
It can be used to laminate PVC to PET. The model is HY755/75.
3. PU Adhesive for Tinplate
Lamination of PVC or PET films to tinplate is a good case in point. Available model is HY505/G75

Specifications of Polyurethane Adhesive for Dry Lamination
1. Diluting solvent: Ethyl acetate with water content of 0.2% or less (the solvent with reactive hydrogen can not be contained) 2. Equipment: General dry lamination equipment
3. Glue amount on coating: 2.5-5g/m2
4. Tunnel temperature: 60℃-70℃-80℃ (reference value)
5. Curing temperature: 40-50℃
6. Curing time: above 12-48 hours
7. Packaging standards: Main adhesive: 20kg; Curing agent: 1.8kg, 2.2kg, 2.6kg, 3.0kg and 4.4kg

Our polyurethane adhesive for dry lamination is inflammable and explosive. Thus, it should be place in cool and dry place. Pay more attention to prevent heat, moisture and fire during storage and transportation. Storage period of main adhesive is one year while the curing agent is half a year.